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They suggestcd, however, that the prcface to each work should contain, in addition to the particulars proposed by the Master of the Rolls, a biographical account of the author, so far as authentic materials cxistcd for that purpose, and an estimatc of his liistorical credibility and value. CHmoyi CA Edwyni Regis filii Edmundi Regis sur EADicri • 166 ( 1. Privilegium Edwyy Kcgis de Byktunc, anno ul- timo rcgni sui ..... Ch RONICA Sa NCTI Ed WARDI Re GIS ET Ma RTTRIS, FILII Ed- OARi Reois - - - - - - 206 CHAPTER XXI. Charta de Manyngforde ; ex dono Etheldredi Regis, videlicet anno regni sui nono - - 231 [Boundaries of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 232 § 5. Grant, in reversion, of Stoneham, by Alfred, servant of King Athelstan, to New Minster - 342 XV. Grant to New Minster by Ethelnoth, a priest, of lands at Basing, in Hampshire ; after A. More »

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