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Campers learn about sustainable vineyard management and Long Island’s terroir, and they learn about wine tasting, food pairings, and they get to blend their own wine. In fact, campers are sent home with a case of wine for further study.

Campers who appreciate Southern California’s endless summer can sign up for one of two sessions this year at Lake Hughes: Sept. Guests at the 4,000-acre facility can participate in a number of fitness activities, including yoga and Pilates classes, hiking, strength training and cross training.

There is a rigorous schedule of activities at Camp Grown Up — archery, swimming, painting, hiking, midnight karaoke — but campers are encouraged to move at their own pace. Harris has visited and photographed in 95 countries — so your vacations may never look the same. Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin We’re losing sleep over … Blame it on job stress or the circadian-rhythm-wrecking blue light of cellphones and tablets, but studies show that nearly half of Americans don’t sleep well and that significant percentages of us suffer from chronic insomnia and sleep apnea, and that causes us...

As the ever-growing popularity of Comic-Con attests, kid stuff isn’t just for kids anymore, so it’s no surprise that summer camps for grownups are thriving.

Locations: Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York Dates: 3 weekends in August (TN) September 17 – 20 (NY) October 1-4 (CA) Cost: 5/ individual or 0 with a group fee Camp No Counselors offers an adult version of classic, All-American sleepaway camp, only with open bar. That means three days of unplugging from technology, schedules, and business-speak, set among Northern California’s redwoods at Camp Mendocino, or at Camp Pinnacle in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Attendance is “curated” for a mix of “fashion and food bloggers, media execs, music moguls, financiers, lawyers, doctors and more.” Campers can set their own schedule, choosing from activities like waterskiing, tubing, water slides, archery, ropes courses, kayaking, arts and crafts and scavenger hunts. It’s got play shops, typewriters, color wars, meditation, analog photography, stargazing, and more.

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Similar classic-style summer camps for adults include: Camp Bonfire, Camp Throwback, and Club Getaway. Not allowed: digital technology including wearables, strict schedules, “W-talk”, networking, drugs and alcohol, Dubstep and glow sticks.