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The Daily Beast turned this recollection into an "Exclusive" and "Very Special" investigation titled, We can feign shock, reach for our nonexistent smelling salts, and commiserate with all the second- and third-rate pussies who must feel triggered, bitter, and empty. Our success is measured by the amount of sheer terror people experience at the thought of mistakenly crossing an invisible line.But deep down we can't argue with the fact that a first-rate pussy is still better than a third-rate pussy. Well-trained progs always huddle together within safe zones and only make noises that are guaranteed to earn them a treat - a behavior known as "virtue signaling." On that front we've been extremely successful - that is until Trump threw the P-bomb into our safe zone.

To remind us who the real enemy is, the media propagated a new rumor that Trump has had the gall to deny he used the P-word.Another news cycle ensued, with Billy Bush of the P-tape fame vowing in .CNN unearthed an aging reporter who remembered how way back in the year 2000 he also heard Trump say the P-word during a golf weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Prog-power has always depended on people's obedience to stay within a pre-approved range of ideas.It is crumbling like the magical land of Fantastica after people stopped believing in it. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter." Marxism has since been upgraded with many new features and functions.Progs are melting like toons under the green shower of Judge Doom. The revolutionary class is no longer the workers, but the white-color coalition of identity pressure groups, spearheaded by transsexuals and financed by international currency manipulators.

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In this sense Trump creates truth out of things we fought so hard to bury deep down in ourselves and others. But it's hard to paint him as Anti-Pussy, no matter how hard we try.

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