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Structurally, the Indus Basin is comparatively simple.The Indian shield forms a gentle monocline, which is traversed by a number of basement highs (e.g., Sargodha, Jacobabad highs, Figure 1), extending north-westward for varying distances into uplifted regions.The collision between the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent and the Asian continent has generated the largest uplifted landmass in the world, the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayan mountain belt, and thus provides an excellent record of continent-continent collision tectonics (Figure 1A).

However, recent studies suggest a much different geometry, with initial collision taking place along the northeast corner of the subcontinent [34].The Balochistan Basin has a mostly marine history and is part of the Afghan (=Helmand) block.The Indus basin is a generally northeast trending foreland basin bounded by tectonic uplifts to the north and west and the Indian craton to the southeast.This tectonically elevated area, named the “axial belt” [52], is now characterized by discontinuous ophiolites (Bela, Muslimbagh, Zhob, Waziristan), associated melanges [52,53,54,55] and transform faults (Chaman-Ornach-Nal fault systems), and represents the present active northwestern border of the Indian plate.The axial belt divides Pakistan into two main sedimentary basins, the Balochistan Basin to the west and the Indus Basin to the east (Figure 1).

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For instance, the India-Asia collision is thought to have: (1) caused significant extrusion and associated rotation of the continental blocks that make up the Asian continent [1,2,3,4] and (2) caused significant drawdown in atmospheric concentrations of CO leading to the transition from “greenhouse” conditions in the Eocene to “ice house” conditions in the Oligocene [5], and triggered the dispersal of the modern orders of mammal (e.g., perissodactyls, artiodactyls, and primates) from the Indian subcontinent into the holarctic [6,7].

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