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Of course not all clubs/courses have been equally affected. The ones that were wildly over-optimistic and greedy have suffered a lot.

Quitting the daily grind for a new life on the Costa del Sol might seem a tempting option.

Some theories predict that this would make them happier because they had higher status.

However, Dr Bartram had found the reverse, perhaps because “migration itself can be disruptive to other dimensions of people’s lives – social ties, sense of belonging – possibly with consequences for their happiness”.

Dr Bartram, who studied data from the European Social Survey recorded between 20, said that British migrants sometimes found that their qualifications were not recognised in their new home and they were forced to take jobs with a lower social status than expected.

This confirmed that it was the fact of having migrated that made the respondent less happy, by about 0.3 of a point on the 10-point scale on average, compared with those who stayed behind.A lot of developments ended up frozen - the developers went bankrupt and the banks were left with lots of non-performing loans.The full resolution of this problem really depends upon EU-wide bailout of banks and governments.The area covered by this Web site is indicated by the red square on the map of Spain.This area is bounded by Gibraltar in the West and the city of Málaga in the East.

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There are lots of vacant properties on the Costa del Sol.