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The will also refers to "woodland at Totham which my father granted to Mersea", a bequest to "ealdorman thelmr my [lord's kinsman]the estate at Lawling" and a reference to masses for her sister's soul.

The will of "thelfld" dated to [962/91], probably after 975, bequeathed "ten hides at Wickford to my kinsman Sibriht" and an "estate at Waldingfield to my kinswoman Crawe" but does not specify the relationship between the testator and the beneficiaries more precisely (-[963/71]). In the primary sources so far consulted while preparing the present document, Ordmr is only named as the father of thelfld.

The root "Ord-" in his name suggests a family relationship with Ordmr: maybe they were brothers. "Ordgar dux" subscribed charters of King Edgar dated between 964 and 970(Lydford Castle, Devon ([945]-Wherwell Abbey, Hampshire [999/1002], bur Wherwell Abbey).

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the marriage in 965 of King Edgar and lfthryth, stating that she was the daughter of ealdorman Ordgar.

The information is supplemented by available chronicles, but the result is still far from complete.

Before the late 8th century, very few names of Anglo-Saxon noblemen, who were unrelated to the royal families, emerge from the primary sources.

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Ealdorman are also recorded in Devonshire, East Anglia, Essex and Wiltshire at different times between the mid-9th and early 11th centuries.