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Genedating com

Maintenance of chromatin structure, and thereby the expression state, is referred to as epigenetic cellular memory that provides continuity of specific pattern of expression states in daughter cells when a differentiated cell divides and also throughout the life span of organisms.Pc G proteins maintain the repressed state, while trx G proteins maintain genes in the active state.Additionally, adjacent to the chromodomain, all the vertebrate homologues have a DNA binding motif - AT-Hook in case of CBX2, which was known earlier, and 'AT-Hook Like' motif, from this study, in other PC homologues.Our analysis shows that PC is an ancient gene dating back to pre bilaterian origin that has not only been conserved but has also expanded during the evolution of (Pc G) proteins maintain expression pattern of genes set early during development.Although originally isolated as regulators of homeotic genes, Pc G members play a key role in epigenetic mechanism that maintains the expression state of a large number of genes.Both Pc G and trx G proteins function as multi-protein complexes. Often common elements function to recruit both Pc G and trx G proteins.

CBX2 and CBX7 bind to both H3K9Me3 and H3K27Me3 whereas CBX4 shows strong affinity for H3K9Me3 [].Unique motifs acquired by each homologue have been maintained for more than 500 millions years indicating their functional relevance in boosting the epigenetic 'tool kit'.We report the presence of a DNA interaction motif adjacent to chromodomain in all vertebrate PC homologues and suggest a three-way 'PC-histone H3-DNA' interaction that can restrict nucleosome dynamics.Since PC homologues show poor sequence homology in this region, we used motif prediction and motif alignment tools to find additional conserved regions that might be present in various PC homologues (see Additional files was searched in the NCBI protein sequence database and the genome sequences of the model organisms.The TBLASTN hits of genome sequences were extended 5 kb upstream and 5 kb downstream and merged.

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The signature motifs of PC homologues and insect specific motif identified in this study pave the way to understand the molecular basis of epigenetic mechanisms.

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