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It is certainly a nice move in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry that the Federation is not going to war over the destruction of the Odyssey but is trying to contact the Founders for negotiations in spite of everything.

Well, the way Sisko initially speaks about the mission it almost sounds like "Oh, we've stepped onto their lawn, they have every right to be angry and kill us, and we'll have to apologize".

It is only disappointing to see how the ship (and the Romulan cloaking) fails as soon as on the first mission in the first combat.

Well, we still see how impressively the pulse phasers work when they blow one of the Jem'Hadar fighters to pieces, but overall it is a shame how the Defiant is only saved by the apparent mercy of the Jem'Hadar, who were obviously ordered to leave the ship intact and to capture everyone alive.

"The Jem'Hadar", the final episode of season 2, raised many expectations.Meanwhile, Sisko and Bashir, traveling in a shuttle, are rescued by O'Brien and Dax, who have met up with the Founders.When the four arrive on Deep Space 9, peace talks are already on the way, the Founders being represented by a man named Borath.Odo, who has been replaced by Commander Eddington as head of security, grudgingly joins the Defiant crew. Staring at a star chart of the sectors ahead, which show the way to a comm relay of the Vorta, a race belonging to the Dominion, Odo feels strangely attracted to a place called the Omarion Nebula.Dax and O'Brien have to be left behind on the communication relay on Callinon VII.

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Sure, he's been waiting for this opportunity his whole life, but somehow I think there should have been a more decent way for him to find his way home.