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Nasty cams sites

The problem is; “race cars” that have those nasty sounding cams are completely different than cars that are driven on the street.

Too many people look at fast “race cars” that “sound good” and think what a race car has is what they should run on the street, after all..

According to the magazine, glamorous Bec is a top candidate for the role, after appearing on the show as a judge earlier this year.

Unlike Scott, the WAG and mother-of-four is already based in Melbourne.'Bec has a huge fan base and is already a big power player in the world of interior design,' a source told the magazine.

With The Block filmed in Melbourne, Sydney-based Scott told TV Week he must spend months at a time away from his beloved wife, Ann, and their family. Scott has been hosting The Block for 11 seasons, and will once again take the helm of the program in 2018, when it returns to screens for another installment.

Meanwhile, rumours are swirling that the TV tradie may have a new co-star next year, with New Idea reporting Rebecca Judd may replace Shelly Craft.

They launch at very high RPMs because they HAVE TO.

Well, that kind of makes your car a turd below that RPM, plus with a street engine you are limited in the amout of static compression you can run because of the lower octane pump gas.

The last thing you want is detonation from running too high of a compression ratio.

Well, this is a big issue and a LOT needs to be considered.

Everyone wants a nice sounding cam in their hot rod with a “racey” idle.

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4) Race cars don’t sit in traffic or drive around at anything less than their peak power RPM.