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Online sexual dictonary

(Asexual reproduction is when just one parent copies its genetic material creating a new, but identical, individual.) The gametes of each parent must have specific characteristics in order for sexual reproduction to work properly.

Specifically, each set of gametes must have only half the total number of chromosomes that nonsex cells of that species contain.

Middle English (originally denoting a heretic, specifically an Albigensian): from Middle Dutch, from Old French bougre ‘heretic’, from medieval Latin Bulgarus ‘Bulgarian’, particularly one belonging to the Orthodox Church and therefore regarded as a heretic by the Roman Church.

The sense ‘sodomite’ (16th century) arose from an association of heresy with forbidden sexual practices; its use as a general insult dates from the early 18th century.

In the case of humans, that number is forty-six chromosomes (with twenty-three obtained from each parent).

This means that specialized sex organs (such as the male penis and female vagina) are used to place the sperm as close as possible to the egg inside the female's body.

After internal fertilization occurs, the zygote (fertilized egg cell) is either released from the body within some sort of protective covering, like a shell, or it remains within the body where it develops fully.

Development inside a shell or body means that the zygote goes through a series of cell divisions.

These begin to specialize and form individual body parts.

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