Sam and ollie dating websites

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Sam and ollie dating websites

Oliver cheers Connor on for making progress in his case with Irene Crowley.

After winning his case, Connor kisses Oliver, and asks to get back together, to which Oliver says that he can't.

Oliver gets approached once again by Connor, who promises him dinner on Wednesday in exchange for another favor.

Connor fails with his promise and calls Oliver, who is mad at him and hangs up.

Oliver asks Connor if he's still taking drugs, and Connor says he'd get help after exams are over. In fact, Oliver is quite snarky and cold toward Connor.

To change the subject, Connor asks Oliver about his relationship with Spatula Guy ("the one with the biceps"), who answered the door the night Connor brought flowers to Oliver's apartment in an attempt to win back his heart and gain his forgiveness.

Later, Connor asks for his help to hack into a phone's company to get more useful info to solve his case.

This statement prompts Connor to confirm whether the two are in fact in a relationship (for the heart wants what the heart wants, and Connor's heart wants Oliver to be his man again! Oliver's mouth betrays his earlier declaration that he won't discuss his dating life with Connor, and he spills that Spatula Guy had gotten back together with his underwear-model ex.He does occassinally help out for Annalise Keating's cases. TBA Oliver first appears in a bar when he's approached by Connor Walsh.Connor uses his manipulative charm to seduce him into giving the illegal documents.She then gives him her phone and asks him to delete everything on it, Oliver takes her phone while he watches the police handcuff Annalise and arrest her for suspicion in relation to the house fire.("There Are Worse Things Than Murder") Oliver eventually proposes to Connor.

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Coming to the (generally accurate) conclusion that Connor uses sex as a weapon in his career, Oliver kicks him out.

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