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Suffice it to say that affording childcare on the meager wages that is being earned today is next to impossible without some type of subsidy.

The Georgia CAPs program is the one you will need if you plan to work or go to school.

Caring for a family is hard in the best of times and with the best circumstances.

As a single mom in the state of Georgia it is even harder.

The streets are no place to raise a family and with the economy not bouncing back as swiftly as we wanted it to we have to have viable alternatives.

Single moms will be required to meet the eligibility requirements but these are not that high.

Follow this link to learn how you can apply and what all of the requirements are.

The high cost of housing and the low minimum wage keeps many on the public assistance roles.

And now with the budgets being cut in most states and the reorganization of the public assistance grants we are seeing a new era of poverty.

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Knowing where they are going to sleep from one night to the next is one thing a child should be sure of.