Social anxiety forum dating website

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Social anxiety forum dating website

He had more to compare me to, and most of the comparisons were negative.

I also have a fear of being dumped which i suppose is the root of it all.

preselection based on the so-called "wisdom of the crowds") more than men are.

In fact, there's also such a thing as too much social proof.

My heart starts beating fast and i feel the blood drain from my legs at the thought of a relationship. He's an older guy, which i suppose was a mistake dating him.

Ive experienced quite a bit of rejection relative to my peers. Luckily I like my own company and don't mind going without the sensual pleasures Why do they dump you? Try talk exposure by going out and talkign to random strangers 1hr per day. Try talk exposure by going out and talkign to random strangers 1hr per day.

(especially when it comes to sleeping around - high risk of STDs and you seeing him as "just another guy", you know).

Furthermore, women seem hung up on "social proof", so-called (i.e.

I don't know how to make you feel better about rejection except to say we all experience it and love ourselves enough eventually to bounce back. The last time i dated someone, it was somewhat of a situation where i had two men at once. I should be able to get into a long term relationship with no problem, but i cant. If you feel on every date I hope this is the one and place all your emotional eggs in that one basket you are going to feel demolished y it if he rejects you,but if you just treat it as a try and see no investment to start with it is easier. Ive thought abt dating skmeone for a few months and then dumping them before they dump me. It is bound to happen rejection but if you keep dating one after the other one is bound to stick with you and work out in the end.What is adding to the social phobia is the fact that I eventually have to tell guys that I am not as experienced and they will wonder why. I don't know any other way than to get out there and start dating.Don't worry about your lack of experience or what you think guys might think about it.

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"Social Proof" is highly vulnerable to rumors, gossip, character assassination, and so forth.